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Choosing the Best Framing Nailer

If you are a woodworker or professional contractor, choosing the best framing nailer will be a difficult task for you. If you choose the best framing nailer will save your both time and energy on the work. And you can stop hammer by hand.

A good framing nailer will pound away DIY projects without fail and it is a versatile tool that can be used for many types of works. You may be able to find a screaming deal on a really cheap framing nailer, but you will find yourself replacing it in a month or two. Research well and you are sure to find one that is right for you.

Best Framing Nailer Reviews

What is Framing Nailer?

A faming nailer is nailer used of air gun for nailing large pieces of material together. By the invention of this nailer, it eliminates the need of hammer and saves more hours of project time into small time. For the precision work smaller nail guns are designed. The best framing nailer to do the work quickly, we need large nails.

4 Questions to be asked

1.    Weight

The weight of the nail gun is a main factor need to be thinker before going to buy a new one. Are you concerned about the weight of the nail gun? Some builders look for the lightest framing nailer because they can work longer with less arm fatigue. That’s the benefit of a light-weight nailer. Other framers don’t really mind the extra 1 or so pounds. I have personally used guns as heavy as 9 pounds and as light as 7 pounds and can work just about as fast with either one.

2.    Size

Size is also an important factor to some contractors and DIYers. A more compact sized framing nail gun can fit into tighter spaces to shoot the nails in the right spot. Some framing nailers can fit between studs and joists as narrow as 12 inches. Others are more bulky and you’ll have a hard time with tight areas.

3.    Power

Pneumatic framing nailers range quite a bit in the power to drive nails. Some nail guns can shoot nails up to 3-1/4 inches long. Others can easily drive the larger 3-1/2 inch nails. Many framers don’t need to shoot nails any larger than 3-1/4 inches long. Others, on the other hand, prefer to have the extra power to drive larger nails when the need arises.

4.    Features

What feature do you need in a nail gun? The modern guns have a vast array of features available. Some have selective triggers, where you can switch between contact nailing and sequential actuation nailing with the push of a button. Tool-free nail depth adjustment is also available on some framing nailers. A few are approved for use with specialty nails. It all depends on what you need (or want).

If you ask these 4 questions and you got the right answers for the each questions. Then you can choose that nailer for you DIY woodwork or professional contracting work

Which type of nailer? Pneumatic Framing Nailer or Cordless Framing Nailer

The majority of the people think that the framing nailers are pneumatic. They are air tools that draw their power from an air compressor, although both battery-powered and fuel-powered framing nailers are also widely available.

·       Pneumatic nail guns

Powered by air and require an air compressor to use. Ideal for jobsites and major projects, these nailers allow for continuous use without having to recharge batteries or replace fuel cells. While powerful and efficient, the biggest drawback to these nail guns is that they require you to lug around an air compressor hose while you work.

·       Cordless nail guns

Cordless nail guns may be powered by battery or fuel. They’re portable, lightweight and easy to use, but usually not the best choice for daily use. For the average home user, cordless models tend to be the best choice.

If you didn’t own the air compressor and you only need to do some home improvement works, a cordless nailer is the best choice. If you are a professional contractor and you want framing nailer for daily use, a pneumatic nailer is preferable.

Compare stick-style and coil-style framing nailers

Normally, both styles use a magazine to store the nails. And it is your personal matter to choose a style for your framing nailer. Because coil-style framing nailers use a round magazine, they are capable of storing significantly more nails than a stick-style nailer.

Coil-Style Nailers

Coil nailers generally hold more nails than stick nailers. This is because these nailers use a coil of nails, which are held together with two wires. These nails come wrapped in a roll, which is why coil models typically hold more nails. If your project requires hundreds of nails, you may want to consider the coil-type as it will save you time.

Stick-Style Nailers

Stick nailers uses a row of nails instead of a coil. The nails are stacked together in a series of plastic, thin wire or strips of paper which holds them together. You can find them in angled and straight guns, but angled is more common. Angled nailers can drive nails with thicker gauges more efficiently than a straight gun.

If you are using a huge amount of nails at a time, then you can choose the coil-style framing nailer for longer without stopping to reload the magazine. If you’ll be using less than 40 nails per project, a stick-style nailer will be adequate.

Safety First

Safety is the main thing to be noted before buying the new product, because many local companies are giving the framing nailer with cheap rate and we can’t assure about their safety and quality. But you can buy a safe framing nailer, if you care about the following points.

  • You can read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using the nail gun. Consult the nailer’s user manual for information on other safety precautions and the gun’s appropriate maintenance schedule.
  • Inspect well your nail gun before each use.
  • Always put on your safety glasses when using a nail gun.
  • Do not alter the nailer for any reason.

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